About Us

It took us twenty years before we had the kind of marriage that we had both always wanted, but once God brought us to that point we soon realized that we had been given something that was bigger than us.

After attending our church, RWOC, for a year we knew that we wanted to get involved. Naturally we felt a passion to help with a marriage class, but little did we know then that we would be called to make a lifelong commitment to this cause.

We serve in our church as ordain ministers and elders. We are also leaders for the marriage builders class where we conduct two thirteen week workshops a year. We also give a lot of attention to individual couples as marriage mentors where we personally lead them through some difficult situations and help them use the tools that can help them build a strong marriage. We also have been asked to speak and share our testimony several times a year where it has never failed to make an impact in someone else’s life.

It is now our passion and honor to reach out to as many people who need to hear what the Lord gives us to say. We are looking for couples who are married, pre-marriage, or in a committed relationship who want to receive the help that God has put in us to give.

For more information on how we can help and for prayer, please contact us.


3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. We are very proud of you. Your life’s pain has helped another couple find their purpose. Keep moving forward with God and keep sharing that nothing is impossible with HIm! We are hear to serve you when you need us! so glad to be connected with such a wonderful couple as you are!

    Gene and Robin Shockley

  2. Jerry & Barbara Seymour said:

    Dear Jack & Janet, how pleased we are of the ministry that God has openned for you. You are walking in favor with Him and with the Body of Christ. Blessings upon your marriage as you give out of the abundance which you have received and then rest and be filled up again. This website/blog is beautiful. WOW! God has done great things and greater things are yet to be done.

    In Christ,
    Jerry & Barbara Seymour

  3. Jerry & Barbara Seymour said:

    PS: great header picture of you guys, too. Janet you are getting prettier and prettier. You both look Great!

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