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We just keep drifting more and more apart. If things continue like this, I don’t see how our marriage can survive.”

It is a tragic thing when love fades. When two people who once had all the love and hope for a beautiful life together, to one day look at each other and wonder where their love and admiration for each other has gone. It didn’t fade overnight, it didn’t happen over a one time event. They just slowly drifted away from each other until one day their feelings for each other are so drastically different from what they once had, they feel there is no hope of getting it back. 

Drifting apart is the number one enemy that comes against every marriage. Regardless of any other problems we face, we must be aware of how we drift away from our spouse and toward our own isolation. It is subtle, so we must watch for it in all its forms. It is persistent, so we must work  purposely to oppose it. And it is constant, so we must never let down our guard against it.

Marriage was designed for the purpose of creating oneness between husband and  wife. Oneness of spirit, oneness of soul, oneness of body. We must always move in the direction of increasing our oneness. We do this by being intentional about the direction our marriage is going. Whereas, drifting occurs unintentionally when we lose the direction we want our marriage to go and we lose the energy that it takes to get us there. 

Every one of us has some tendencies to drift toward isolation. It comes from our own selfish desires and self preservation. So lets take some action to change and if possible, ask your spouse to join you.

Right now, write down on paper three things that you do that causes you to drift away from your spouse.
Next, confess your own failure to your spouse and ask for forgiveness.
Finally, make a plan of action that you can do to turn your own drifting around.