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The truth is, it has not been that easy for us. Today we consider ourselves blessed to have a great marriage. But we had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way.
For one, we learned to take quit out of our marriage.
Then we learned that both of us had to be continually invested in the health of our relationship.
And finally we learned that  “to have a great marriage it takes three.”

For two people, who have been as imperfect as we have been, to try to make a life long commitment work is absolutely impossible without the Lord’s help along the way.

The bible says that “a cord of three strands is not easily broken” (Ecc.4:12). When we have Jesus at the center of our marriage we are woven together in a three-way relationship that is not only healthy and strong, but is also powerful.

Here are a few reasons why this truth is so real in our marriage.
1)  Our mutual desire to serve Him draws us closer together. The closer we are to the Lord, the closer we are drawn to each other.

2)  As we both walk in relationship with Jesus we are taking on His nature and  expressing His attributes. We are becoming like Him.                                                

 We want to love each other as He loves; unconditionally.
 We want to forgive each other as He forgives; with no limits.
 We want to accept each other the way He accepts; with grace.    

3)  As the Lord in our lives He gives us what we can’t give each other. 

Our security and significance is found in Him. He gives us our value and therefore we do not have to put that burden on each other.

He is our counselor. We can go to Him and receive wisdom, guidance, and relief from our stress.  

He is our helper. He gives us an inner voice that helps us pick up on our blind spots and teaches us how to love and care for each other in ways we would otherwise miss.   

4)  Knowing that Jesus is Lord in each other, we learn to trust what each other has to say and give. Knowing that sometimes the voice of the Lord sounds just like our spouse.

So there you have it EASY AS ONE, TWO, THREE.
One: Don’t quit, a great marriage is just ahead.      Two: Give up your singleness and be joined together.      Three: Let Jesus help. Your marriage will be better than you could ever have hoped or dreamed it could be.