I will never forget the phone call I made that day. I was fighting to save my marriage and after weeks of sleeping on the couch because I refused to move out, I had finally seen a glimmer of hope.
 I began to see my wife willing to at least talk about us and ask questions that sounded as if she was considering giving us another chance. It was then that I felt I needed to talk to one other person. If I could just get him to give her some space so that she could make the decision that would be best for her and our children. Then maybe I thought, we would have a chance.

After all these years I don’t remember the details of that phone call, except for two statements. As the conversation got a bit heated, I heard these critical words; “well you know, it takes two to make a marriage!” And before I knew it and without any hesitation, my reply was; “yea, but it only takes one to quit!”

It only takes one to quit. This first step towards having a great marriage is you have to stay married.

Don’t be the one that says ” I quit.”
Be the one that says “I will never give up on my marriage.”
Don’t be the one that pulls away and builds walls.
Be the one that stays engaged in the relationship.
Don’t be the one that sabotages and undermines the relationship.
Be the one who will find ways to make investments into your marriage.

Take the words quit, divorce, it’s over, out of your vocabulary. Commitment is everything, and the only way to make it all the way is to stay committed to the course you are on. Is it going to be hard sometimes? Yes. Will it take a lot of work? Yes. Does it take courage? Yes. That’s the reason you made a vow. No one ever made a vow to do something that was always going to be pleasant or easy. A vow of commitment is for the very purpose of seeing you through the hard times.

Stay tuned for easy steps two and three.