Marriage is a wonderful gift from God. It’s the union of two unique individuals blending their lives together to become as the bible says, “one flesh.”

But beyond their attraction and compatibility, couples are faced with the life long process of blending together their differences.

The process of blending can seem too hard for many. They fight continually over their differences even when the issues can be so insignificant.

So then we hear of people getting a divorce over irreconcilable differences. What they are really saying is that their differences have overwhelmed them to the point they no longer have a desire to work them out.

Sadly though I believe what they are missing is just some simple understanding and acceptance of one another’s differences.

Becoming familiar with each others differences can remove a lot of fear and anxiety.

Here are a few differences that we’ll talk about on this blog. Which ones have you two struggled with:

  • How men and women view life.
  • How every person shows and receives love differently.
  • Different communication styles.
  • Different personality types.
  • Different approaches to money.
  • Different backgrounds and experiences.

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